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More About Mow Don’t Grow

Piyali, who appears in our Mow Don't Grow series wrote:

"Originally from Calcutta, India, I was actually once a lover of city life. Years back, I came to the US to study English literature, but  at this point in my life, sustainability and fun are my passions.  I now avoid cities like the plague and live in a small town in western Massachusetts with my (former farmer) husband and six-year-old son. I'm taking courses toward a nursing degree and am quite content muddling around at home and in the garden with my family and friends."


Some Resources Piyali used:

http://www.foodnotlawns.com/lawns_to_gardens.html and the home page http://www.foodnotlawns.com/index.html

Scroll way down to find the article.

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