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About Us

Welcome to EarthThrives.com, a virtual neighborhood of the Pioneer Valley that features video clips of the new “local heroes,” residents and businesses in Western Massachusetts that are incorporating greener habits and technologies into everyday life. VIDEOS:  The first Earth Thrives episodes are currently in production. Come back to follow our local heroes and watch new stories as they come in. Please write us about the going-greener heroes in your life. We are grateful to...

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Enjoy the Ride

Several of our clips: Sweet Rewards: The Gas Money Jar, Taking Your Bike Makes a Big Difference Ride Your Bike the Way You’d Drive Your Car Good Talks Riding with my Kids are excerpts from Enjoy the Ride, a film produced, directed, and edited by Paul Hake, Carlyn Saltman, and Scot Broderick of Franklin County, MA. For more information, visit Enjoy The Ride By Bike. DVD’s of Enjoy the Ride are available from the Office of Transportation Planning at the Franklin Regional Council of...

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Companion Planting: Comfrey & Paw Paw

  Mai and Ethan, the students in our video Companion Planting: Comfrey & Paw Paw mention “Dave’s book.”  They’re referring to Edible Forest Gardens by Dave Jacke. For more information on companion planting, or the planting of different crops or produce in close proximity for mutual benefit:   National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service Golden Harvest Organics – guide to companion planting in your garden Companion Planting.net ...

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