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Companion Planting: Comfrey & Paw Paw

Students, Mai and Ethan, explain the benefits of Companion Planting. Read more

Do You Need Town Permission for a Composting Toilet?

Jonathan and Carlyn discuss whether you need permission to dig and build your toilet. More Info.

Global Warming: Never Heard of It

One day in August, Carlyn met the young people in this clip where they gather at the Vets Mall on Main St in Greenfield. More.

Good Talks Riding with My Kids

Gina and her sons of Northampton, MA go for a ride. More.

Greening Greenfield Ice cream Social and Kick-off

Greening Greenfield Campaign aims to create a more sustainable Greenfield, MA.

More Info

Grow Don’t Mow I

Piyali, of Shelburne Falls, describes her attempt to replace her unproductive and energy-guzzling lawn with a garden.

Grow Don’t Mow II: The Saga Continues

Piyali continues her battle against grass in an effort to change her lawn from an energy guzzler to an energy saver. Stay tuned for Parts III and IV! More Info.

Grow Don’t Mow III: Success!

Grow Don’t Mow IV: Catcher in the Rye

How We’re Goin’ Greener 2

More local heroes tell Carlyn how they’re lightening their footprint and saving money.

How We’re Goin’ Greener 3

An unusal but effective way to nourish houseplants without fertilizer. Plus, more tips from local heroes on how they’re helping the earth thrive.

How We’re Goin’ Greener 4

Al Siano, Town Councillor in Greenfield, wants us all to know how well a geothermal system heats and cools their house.

How We’re Goin’ Greener 1

Jonathan’s Scoop on Composting Toilets

Jonathan of Wendell, MA gives us the low-down on composting toilets. More Info.

Low Cost, Big Savings: Your Composting Toilet

Jonathan of Wendell, MA talks about the monetary benefits of building his composting toilet. More Info.

Meet Rural Development, Inc.

Series Opening. Anne Perkins, Director of Homeownership Programs introduces the green mission of RDI & the master carpenters we’ll be following. More.

RDI & Fly Ash: A Green Surprise

Find out how this voluminous byproduct of coal-burning plants can be put to a green use and kept out of landfills.Read more

Ride Your Bike the Way You’d Drive Your Car

Gina and James of Northampton, MA talk bike safety. More.

Spread the Word

The Earth Thrives with your help, so spread the word about EarthThrives.com! More Info

Sweet Rewards: The Gas Money Jar

Beth and Garrett of Northampton, MA teach their children about the cost of using their car. More.

Taking Your Bike Makes a Big Difference

Chris Mason and James Lowenthal of Greenfield and Northampton, MA explain how to calculate the CO2 you save by riding your bike. More.

Ventilation: Key Ingredient for Composting Toilets

Jonathan explains the importance of air and his choice to provide electric-free ventilation. More Info

What’s In It for Me?

Jonathan talks about why building a composting toilet can have lots of benefits. More Info