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Volunteer Opportunities and Internships available with EarthThrives

All opportunities are unpaid and run for a minimum of four (4) months. Those interested please contact Kirsten@earththrives.com with the information requested. The subject line of your email should indicate the position of interest.

Positions open:
– Journalist
– Editor
– New Media
– Website Operations

Journalism interns

  • write between 6 and 12 articles over a 4 month period, depending on credits desired and agreement with EarthThrives prior to beginning
  • an hour per article of link categorization and development.
  • All article topics will be approved by EarthThrives staff and/or editor prior to writing

Regional journalists one (1) position each:

  • Franklin Co.
  • Hampshire Co.
  • Hampden Co.

Topic Area journalist up to one (1) position each:

  • Clean & Alternative Energy, Community-owned energy
  • Community Development
  • Green Building
  • Local movements/ Community Sustainability
  • Fair/ Just/ Direct trade, Human trafficking, Child labor
  • Socially responsible business, Micro-finance, Greening business

To Apply

Please submit a writing sample for consideration as well as a personal statement outlining your areas of interest and any expertise or experience within those areas.

Editor intern one (1) position

  • to edit articles submitted by the reporters
  • to work with EarthThrives on developing article topics
  • may be called upon to write articles on occasion – regular contribution can be an option
  • Editors must be in their final year of or have completed their BA.

To Apply
Please submit a writing sample and an edited version of the following paragraph with comments and a current resume or personal statement.

“Recycling is all the rage right now. Schools, municipalities and businesses are all jumping on board with recycling programs of their own. While it is wonderful that peoples concern is in the right place what happens to the materials once they are collected? Many times recyclables post collection end up being thrown away. This is because there is a greater supply than demand for the materials. Terracycle, a company whose business model is to use items ‘thrown away’ as their raw material knows how to do this well. The founder Tom pushes us to recognize not only the value of the raw material in a can or plastic bag, but also that the shape has value. Reuse and the reimagining of an item should take place before it gets recycled. I know someone who makes cutains out of old clothing and the plastic scraps that can’t be recycled. By ironing those scraps together she creates a batting or insulating layer out of materials that were previously landfill bound.What previously was considered waste can have a new life. This upcycling and reuse can have a great effect on our wastestream even before recycling occurs.”

New Media Specialists – two (2) positions

  • work to develop a comprehensive database of existing forms of social media and new media
  • explore different ways that new and social media can be leveraged to produce change and use them to this affect
  • write 4 social media recommendations for member non-profits

To Apply
Please send a personal statement or resume and a recommendation of at least two different ways EarthThrives could use any particular social media or new media.

Website Operations Intern – one (1) position

  • Work with Editor/Journalists to post content
  • Work with Staff to post Calendar Events and Press Releases
  • Work with local contacts to collect links, Events and other resource references
  • Work with Technical Staff to manage/expand/update Joomla backend
  • Skills needed are basic online website experience, programming experience helpful not required.
  • This is not a computer programming position.

To Apply
Submit Resume showing experience in using online sites: Blogs/Facebook/Myspace and 2 references who
can verify online experience.

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