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Fly Ash – more important than you think

THE BASICSCoal Fly Ash (from CSI Section 03 05 13) Coal fly ash is a waste product of coal-fired power plants and can be used as a substitute for some of the portland cement in a concrete mixture-up to 60% is common, but even higher levels of substitution are possible. It makes the concrete stronger and gives it improved workability compared with a conventional mix. The environmental advantages include reducing the use of high-embodied-energy portland cement and reusing an otherwise landfilled...

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About Rural Development, Inc (RDI)

It is the mission of RDI to advance the right of all people in Franklin County (MA) and the North Quabbin region to occupy environmentally responsible, energy efficient, affordable housing and to improve economic independence.  Further, RDI strives to promote environmental awareness, and to operate in a manner that is respectful of the rural character of our region. RDI works with residents and communities to expand affordable single-family and multi-family housing opportunities. RDI...

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