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Valley Rallies for Clean Energy to Stop Climate Change

Valley Rallies for Clean Energy to Stop Climate Change

Public rallies calling for more urgent action to stop climate change and build a clean energy, sustainable economy will be held in Northampton, Amherst, and Greenfield on the weekend of September 24-25.

Thousands of similar events will be taking place in nearly every country of the world, coordinated by the environmental group 350.org.   Most climate scientists agree that the maximum safe amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 350 parts per million.  The current level is at 391 and rising.

On Sunday Sept. 25 in Northampton at 1pm, a rally with a variety of speakers (including renowned UMass Professor of Climatology Raymond Bradley, Prof. Michael Klare of Hampshire College and Prof. James Lowenthal of Smith College) and local musicians will be held in Lamprin Park in front of Bridge Street School on Route 9 just east of downtown.    Participants are encouraged to minimize use of fossil fuel by walking, biking, skateboarding, skating, taking a bus, or carpooling.  {There’s no parking next to the park; park cars on nearby side streets or downtown, and walk to the park.}
At 2pm, we’ll cross the bridge to a safe climate/clean energy future.  We’ll march one mile east on the Rt. 9 sidewalk to Coolidge Bridge, then walk onto the nearby Bikepath bridge.  With hundreds in a long line facing downriver, 20 people in the middle will hold big block letters saying “STOP CLIMATE CHANGE!” Photo will be taken from Coolidge Bridge, for local media, and for 350.org to share online world-wide.  Parade then returns on sidewalk to Bridge Street School park, where rally continues with more speakers and music.


** Check out our ‘Chill-Out the Climate Rally’ poster at amherst350.org/other-nearby-organizations/Northampton, or on Facebook at Pioneer Valley Climate Action.

** Children and youth (ages 8-20) and their parents are invited to contact us (johnpberk@gmail.com) if they’d like to share/perform at the rally a poem, song, prose statement, hip-hop rhyming, or anything else that expresses their feelings and views about climate change and other environmental issues.

More info: John Berkowitz, Coordinator,  Pioneer Valley Climate Action  413-625-6374, johnpberk@gmail.com, amherst350.org/other-nearby-organizations, Facebook at Pioneer Valley Climate Action

On Saturday 9/24 in Amherst at 11:30 a.m,  participants will walk to the Common from the proposed solar farm in Hadley, while others bike from the Mount Tom coal plant in Holyoke.  They will meet at the Common at noon and call for ending American use of coal and other polluting fossil fuels and unsafe nuclear energy, replacing them with solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources as well as increased energy conservation and efficiency. More info at amherst350.org.

On Saturday 9/24 at 11:30a.m in Northampton’s Pulaski Park on Main Street, a Fossil Fuel Funeral will be held.  Participants will freeze in place for 5 minutes at different parts of Main Street, drawing public attention to their call to cool the climate and protect the environment.  A parade will follow to the rear of Thorne’s Market. Info@jillturnerart.com

At Greenfield Community College on Saturday 9/24 at noon, participants will join attenders of the  7th annual Sustainability Summit, sponsored by Co-op Power, and make a giant outdoor number 350.  There will also be food,  live bands, and clean energy booths and workshops.  Registration is free in advance at www.cooppower.coop.   Children are encouraged to bring artwork for display, expressing their views about the environment.  More info: jenks@gcc.mass.edu

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