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Thrives Publishing Service

For you, the issue of being able to effectively communicate your organizations needs within your community
is more than just a website…
more than just a training manual…
it is more than having a single volunteer that knows what to do…

You need someone who can do more for your organization than slap together a website and leave you to figure out how it works. We work with you so that based on our past experience and your needs we can together build or upgrade your organization’s web presence. We will help you decide what will work best for your organization.

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The groups that we provide this service for:
– have a local focus,
– are working to develop the communities that they are in,
– green
– pushing the limits towards sustainability.

More importantly they pay what they can, and for some that means $0. Also we know that learning new technology is not easy for some and is not the only thing that needs to be done, which is why we also offer trainings on these tools as well as organization development consulting.

Please contact info@earththrives.com for more information if you think this service might be just what your organization is looking for, While we are currently at capacity, we are accepting organizations for the waiting list.

Groups working with Us:
Here are some of the groups that we have worked with and an description of the services provided.

  • Coop Power Moved from unreliable outdated Plone site to Joomla 1.5 site with current extensions; Load
  • Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network Moved from static pages and document dump to full cms (joomla 1.5) w/ additional functions; moved from hosting company controlled to group managed site; hosted replacement site, migrated content & help guide management committee to update to new site, sorted out domain management issues
  • Hidden-Tech Devloped community from day one; web site for event info and registration; managed discussion list on a daily basis at about 500 posts/month, for 5 years , 1 to 5 hrs per day, approx 6 days/wk
  • Fostering the Arts Created an active directory; supported minimal staff at GCC to get all data and articles loaded; hosted site for 3 years
  • You Do you have a project that fits with our mission? Fill out and send in the application and we’ll talk.

To offer this service to organizations for little or no money, we are always looking for contributors to offset the cost of this capacity development and ongoing support. Please contact info@earththrives.com for more information if you are interested in providing the money necessary to continue this valuable service. We are in the process of filing for non-profit status so you can take a tax donation.

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