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Baby Steps to Cloth Diapers: Diaper Definitions

Cloth diapering can be confusing simply because of the number of varieties now on the market.  From pre-folds to all-in-ones, cotton to hemp, it’s hard to know where to begin.  Start here as I break it down for you. 

Diaper Definitions:

Pre-fold Diaper – Usually made of cotton, a pre-fold is a rectangular cloth designed to fold around your child.  It needs to be covered by a plastic or wool diaper cover.  Pre-folds are the cheapest way to get started in cloth.  And unlike your mama’s cloth diapers, they are “pre-folded” which means you don’t need to learn any complicated folds.  They’ve also invented these nifty little gadgets called “snappis” that can be used in place of a pin.

Fitted – Like pre-folds, a fitted diaper needs to be worn with a cover.  Unlike pre-folds, they are cut (and often elasticized) to fit your child.  They also have built in snap or Velcro closures so you don’t need to pin or snappi .  They are more expensive than pre-folds but still half the price of pocket diapers.

Pocket Diaper
– These come in all shapes and sizes.  A Pocket Diaper consists of two parts: the diaper and the insert.  The diaper looks like a cover but is also lined with a soft and absorbent interior creating a pocket (thus the name) in which to place the insert.  This type of diaper can be good for children who may need different absorbencies at different times (like mine, who pees an ocean at night).

All-in-Ones – These also come in all shapes and sizes.  All-in-Ones are built just like a pocket diaper, but the insert is not removable; everything is sewn together.  These diapers are the easiest to use but also the most expensive.   

Feeling overwhelmed already?  No worries; unlike some things, it only gets easier.  Go poke around those websites I just linked for you and stay-tuned for the next step in Baby Steps to Cloth Diapers.

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