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It’s Easy…to Make Excuses

A few months ago, a discussion came up on one of my on-line forums about energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs. I finally had to admit publicly that, even though I do many other things green in my life, I still burn the ol' incandescent bulbs. The light is softer on my eyes:  I've had nightmare images in my mind of having to cuddle up with a book under the flickering greenish glare of fluorescence. Plus, I excuse myself by saying that there are plenty of other things I do, I think I can feel okay remaining energy inefficient in the lighting department.

But, I've noticed since then, that other people make similar excuses. "We own a hybrid, so it's okay that our other car's a hummer. "We use an absurd amount of paper towels everyday; that's okay, we have compact fluorescent light bulbs and an Energy Star Rated clothes dryer in our home."

What would happen if we stopped making lame excuses and lived up to the fact of our laziness? And, after facing that fact, made a few simple changes for the better?

I'll start the ball rolling.

Tomorrow, I'm off to buy a few new CFL's. It's a teeny tiny change that could make a very big difference.

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