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Video Transcript: Ride Your Bike the Way You’d Drive Your Car

Transcript copyright earththrives.com

Gina:  I took a bike safety course.  The most important things that I took away from the class was being confident on the road and not being scared of cars. If you are in a place with a lot of cars on the road and you’re very clear about what you’re doing and you drive your bike as if you would drive your car and follow the rules of the road then they know to expect.

James:  A couple of very important rules on the road: very, very simple rules of the road that cyclists should keep in mind for their own safety –never ride against traffic, always with traffic.  Another very common mistake that bicyclists make is riding at night.  No human being would think of getting into a car driving with the lights off, on the side walk, in the wrong direction, and its something bicyclists do all the time and it’s not good for the ones that do.

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