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Video Transcript: Good Talks While Riding with My Kids

Transcript copyright earththrives.com

Gina:  One of the things I like best about riding my bike with my children because they seem to have so much fun riding and I really have to talk to them on the ride. Things we notice as we ride along–the cars, the people, the smells–that we would completely miss if we were in a car.

(They get ready to go for a bike ride.)

Gina: How are your brakes?

Son: They're fine.

Gina: Yours seem to be ok.

Youngest son: That’s because of last time when I could squeeze them all the way down.

Gina: We fixed them didn’t we?   Okay, the route that we’re going to take is up to the end of the street. Walk down the sidewalk to the crosswalk, cross the street, and then ride down Massasaya, okay.

Gina:  I put Avery in the front when were riding together because he learns so much about paying attention when he is on the road, and he learns a lot of responsibility that way…I think he is a pretty good rider and I think that he will be a pretty good driver because of the things that he is learning to pay attention to as a bicycle rider.

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