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Heading to a Greener Valley, Together

Welcome to EarthThrives.com, a virtual neighborhood of the Pioneer Valley. This site features video clips of new "local heroes" — residents and businesses in Western Massachusetts that are incorporating greener habits and technologies into their everyday lives.

The first Earth Thrives episodes are currently in production. Come back to follow our local heroes and watch new stories as they come in. Please write us about the going-greener heroes in your life.

We are grateful to those who share their stories here. Giving others a chance to see what you're doing and to hear why, increases the impact of your efforts to help the Earth thrive.

Our discussion forums make it possible to exchange green ideas and inspiration with the Valley neighbors you see in the video clips and with everyone who logs onto EarthThrives.com. If you don't see a topic you want to explore, please write us. We will respond. 

What's your Earth Thrives story? How are you living more sustainably? What is most challenging? Wherever you're at in going greener, your story could be useful to others. Get in touch!

We're eager to hear your feedback as the site develops.

The Earth thrives with your help. 

Carlyn Saltman, Documentarian     Rich Roth, Web Shepherd

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