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YourOliveBranch.orgYour Olive Branch is a thriving online presence publicizing the good news, good ideas, and successes of our move towards a peaceful and equitable world.

Their website (linkto: http://news.yourolivebranch.org/) brings out new stories every day on the environment, arts, food & health, business, education, peace, science & technology, and inspiration. The site is also a center for networking individuals and organizations working towards peace and sustainability.

The fight for a better world can seem pretty bleak, it’s a spot of light to find a site that educates and empowers with stories of success.

Yobo (nice acronym!) began with Tom Willits and Jeff Mackler, lifelong workers for peace and sustainability. They saw the need for social networking around those causes, and for a central news site focused on successes around the globe. Beginning from their many contacts worldwide, Yobo grew from there.

Nowadays, Yobo contributors help with editing and writing the constant stream of Yobo news, and individual donations and foundation grants help keep Yobo afloat. (You can donate here (linkto: http://news.yourolivebranch.org/donations/) and send in your own news here. (linkto: http://news.yourolivebranch.org/publish-your-stories-at-yobo/)

Yobo’s newest project, working with the Peace Development Fund and a few other public funding organizations, is creating an online space to help selected small organizations find grant dollars, establish online presences, work together, and network with both activist organizations and funders.

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