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Great Workshop: School Gardens for Everyone!

What: Great Workshop: School Gardens for Everyone!

When: Friday August 12, 2011, 1-4 PM

Where: Seeds of Solidarity Education Center, 165 Chestnut Hill Road, Orange, MA 01364 (taught by Deborah L. Habib, Ed.D, Executive Director)

Are you a teacher, administrator, or food service director interested in starting or enhancing a garden at your school? Or, do you work for a community organization which partners with schools? Or are you part of a parent group excited about school gardens?

Sign up now for this popular workshop featuring school garden and greenhouse techniques, curriculum connections, and service learning, held amidst the abundant gardens at Seeds of Solidarity (www.seedsofsolidarity.org) in Orange, MA. Participants will leave with great ideas that can be cultivated as soon as school starts and throughout the year.

Enthusiasm for school gardens grows like weeds these days as educators, parents, and community organizations across the country recognize that gardens and outdoor learning are critical in an era of excessive screen time and rises in childhood obesity and hunger. School gardens promote ?farm to school? by encouraging kids to enjoy fresh local produce as they gain academic, social and civic skills. Kids will eat spinach they have grown!  Said one young gardener after participation in a school garden program: “I will probably have a big garden…really big, so everyone in town could come and garden and take away what they need…that would make fresh food part of everyone’s life.”

Seeds of Solidarity offers ?School Gardens for Everyone? to share what they?ve learned in over 25 years of implementing school gardens. The workshop is geared towards those that work in schools, but members of community organizations and parents are welcome. PDPs (professional development points) available to teachers.  Pre-registration required. There is a workshop fee of $25 ($20 for Seeds of Solidarity supporters). Contact solidarity@seedsofsolidarity.org or send a check payable to Seeds of Solidarity Education Center, 165 Chestnut Hill Road, Orange, MA 01364 to reserve your spot, with your name, phone, address, and email.


Registration: Pre-registration necessary, $25

Contact: deb@seedsofsolidarity.org 978-544-9023

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