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Premier Issue of Together Northampton – a newsletter of community collaborations

PRESS RELEASE – Northampton, MA, June 27, 2010  Have you received your copy of Together Northampton? Check your mailbox again because this new publication is set to arrive on the doorstep of every home and business in Northampton, Florence and Leeds by this Tuesday. Entitled “Food for All”, this premier issue features the work of Grow Food Northampton (GFN) and a number of its partners to enhance sustainable agriculture and improve healthy food access in our community. “We are honored to be featured in the first issue of Together Northampton. Our success in creating a community farm is rooted in the many collaborations we enjoyed. That’s the story we want to share.” – Lilly Lombard, Executive Director GFN.

The content for this 16 page, full-color issue has been authored by GFN and guided through the design and publishing phase with the support of Let Us Move Together (LMT). Long-time resident and social justice advocate, Prakash Laufer formed this newsletter concept as a means for promoting collaborative work of non-profits that aim to improve our collective social, economic and physical well-being. “I’ve lived in Northampton for 25 years and the idea “Imagine our community … our world… where no one is left behind” has been my inspiration for Together Northampton. The work of Grow Food Northampton is a wonderful example of the power of our community when we work together for the “common good”.

With Seth Gregory as creative director, Together Northampton serves as an effective piece of printed media in an era when the internet appears to be halting the presses. “The internet is an incredible resource, and I depend on it for much of what I do, but it’s still not readily accessible to everyone”, says Gregory. “To be sure we’re reaching those who need the information most, there’s still no better way than placing it right into their hands.”

By incorporating the support of local businesses, LMT creates a format that is affordable for non-profit organizations and able to reach everyone who could benefit from the resources and information it contains. Inspired by the belief that “we are all in this together”, LMT plans to continue this series with other area groups that address themes of food, housing, energy, health, education, and arts & culture. 16,000 copies of this premier issue were printed and 15,000 mailed. You can view the current issue online and learn more about Let Us Move Together at letusmovetogether.com.

Seth Gregory – Creative Director- seth@letusmovetogether.org
Prakash Laufer – Publisher – Prakash@letusmovetogether.org

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