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The One Gallon Challenge



Fiske Ave/Miles Street: Mesa Verde and Solar Store Parking lot

Wed, Aug 19, 4-6pm

Thurs, Aug 20, 9-11am. Starting ceremony 10:50 am

Are you looking for a car for your local errands that gets 100 MPG and costs only $5.00 to fill it up?


Seven such unusual vehicles competing in the One Gallon Challenge will be on display – as they prepare for an exciting 100-mile race to the Boston GreenFest. The goal of the race is to see which of the seven cars can drive to Boston using the least amount of fuel. (See below for details of the vehicles.)


“It’s not the lack of technology which stands in the way of next-generation travel,” said Jory Squibb, organizer of the event. “If amateurs can build these cars in backyards, it shows that we simply lack corporations willing to mass produce them, and buyers willing to move beyond the big, boring, and heavy boxes we now have.”


co-sponsored by

Greening Greenfield Energy Committee (GGEC)

Greenfield 10% Challenge lawn signs and

lists of simple things you can do will be available.



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Greening Greenfield is our local venue for the event.

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