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The Earth Thrives Team

The Earth Thrives Team

Earth Thrives is Run and Managed by Advocates of Green and Sustainable Action

In the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, Where We Live!!


Here are some of the valuable supporting staff and contributors:

rich profile

Rich Roth
Greenfield, MA

Rich has been interested in Biology and ecology since early school and grew up exploring the woods of Long Island, NY and sailing her waters. Entering RPI to study engineering the year of the first Earth Day, Rich focused his work in a variety of environmental and societal planning classes and projects. He finished his Masters after 4 years, titled “Socio-environmental Systems Engineering” under a course of study that would eventually become the basis of courses in Urban Studies or Community planning, with a heavy dose of computer modeling, related to the work ‘Limits to Growth’ and Bucky Fuller’s world game. /p>

He and his wife, Sharon, moved to California in 1976 and he continued doing work in the computer and environment fields including getting certified to do Environment Impact Studies. His work in the new field of home and personal computers gained his primary focus as work in the environmental field became largely driven by government grants. Over the next 30 years, Rich experimented in various environmental and energy projects, while making his living in the computer field. His experience spans the range of mainframes, minis and micro computer, shifing to online servers as the Internet grew. For the last 15 years, his various companies have created over 3000 web sites, including some of the largest industrial web sites, now getting over 20 million visitor’s a month. In the last 3 years, he started EarthThrives as a place to share green experiences on the web.


kirsten bonanza

Kirsten Bonanza
Greenfield, MA
Writer, Former Executive Director, Collaborator

Kirsten Bonanza is a Master of Socially Responsible Business and Sustainable Communities from Goddard College (Oct’ 09) with 10 years experience in public and private non-profit and education, organization and management. Kirsten is dedicated to developing a forum where all local, green and sustainable organizations, individuals and businesses can collaborate, communicate and grow the movement without impediment. Passionate about the environment and helping to make her own community sustainable, she volunteers regularly, bikes to meetings and has a plot at the community garden.


profile pic

Suzanne Bowles
Northampton, MA

Writer and Development Specialist

Suzanne Bowles is a Mount Holyoke College alumna with a degree in Politics and International Relations and a penchant for international human rights. As a resource development consultant with ten years organizing experience in social justice and green and sustainable organizing, as well as marketing and grant writing.

Suzanne joined Earth Thrives to help locate needed resources to the effort to take local activism to the next level of online visibility and efficiency.  She is currently running her own consulting practice and we encourage you to use her valuable services.

keith profileKeith Shannon
Web Journalist

Keith Shannon never fully appreciated the power and potential of the Pioneer Valley until he returned to it after nearly ten years of living in the concrete jungle that is Manhattan. The lakes, the forests, the streams and farmlands are sacred and must be preserved. He now strives to wield his pen (or MacBook) as a sword to preserve what is left of the natural beauty that surrounds us all.  Consciousness is key and only education will breed awareness.
EarthThrives.com appreciates the wonderful writing that Keith has done and wishes him the best as he builds his name.




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