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EarthThrives was built upon the idea of sharing our stories.
Won’t you join us?

Guidelines for Story Submission:

  • Your story should be no more than 750 words long or 3 minutes of video.

  • Writing should be well-written.  Both writing and videos should be interesting and relevant to our mission: following the lives of everyday people as they go green.

  • Please do not include a phone number or email within your story.  There is a spot on the submission form for you to enter your email.

  • Your story may be edited as needed.

  • All or part of your story may be re-published by Earth Thrives for marketing, archival, publicity, or other creative purposes.

  • This is a voluntary submission.  You will not receive compensation for your contribution.  Nor will you receive compensation should Earth Thrives re-publish part or all of your article for any reason.

  • All articles will be approved by the staff of EarthThrives prior to publication.  We reserve the right to deny publication for any reason.

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