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Posting a Calendar Event

EarthThrives will help you spread the word about your green and sustainable events.  As a member, you or your group will be able to post all of your events to our calendar.  As a bonus feature, we use Google Calendars, which means anyone else who uses Google Calendars can subscribe directly to all the events we publish; they will show up automatically in their own daily-use calendar.  With the growing readership at EarthThrives, your event attendance will grow right along with us.

Please use the following guidelines to determine if our events calendar is right for you.

We will post/publish:

  • Town hall events and public meetings that pertain to the movement

  • Reskilling and Skill-building workshops

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Watershed/Conservation events

  • Academic and Cultural events that pertain to the movement

We will not post/publish:

  • Meetings/events with a purely political agenda relevant to an individual in public office

  • Events that overtly take one side of a controversial issue within the movement

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