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Earth Thrives Executive Director Visits Cuba

Kirsten Bonanza, Executive Director of Earth Thrives, has departed to Cuba to participate in a US-Cuba Global Partnership on Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, through the Global Exchange program based out of San Francisco, CA. Kirsten has been a powerful advocate of sustainability networking in the Pioneer Valley, connecting with organizations and businesses in an effort to heighten the level of efficiency and effectiveness behind this movement by centralizing movement information here at Earth Thrives.

While in Cuba Kirsten will learn about the amazing advancements made by the Cuban people in 1989 during a heightened US trade embargo and the breakup of the Soviet Union.  During this time Cuba developed a world renowned sustainable agriculture system brought on by an overnight reduction of fertilizer and oil inputs of 50%.   Upon her return, Kirsten will be able to offer our community amazing insights into the real workings of a sustainable movement and models that may be of use in or region.

To follow Kirsten on her journey please visit her blog at http://www.sustainablebonanza.com.

While we are letting Kirsten attend the conference, here is a view of  Las Terrazas, west of Havana where she visitied on the first day:  Las Terrazas, west of Havana




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