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Herb Gardens

You don't need a huge garden to reap the benefits of companion planting.  Start simple with a windowsill herb garden: Fresh herbs will make your cooking delicious Plants in your home will create a higher indoor air quality Save money: store-bought herbs are expensive Create less trash: no packaging to throw away Here are some resources to get you started: Get really simple by buying a Garden-in-a-Bag .  Just open and water.  Penn State has put together this fantastic Searchable Database...

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Who took the photographs at the top of Earth Thrives?

You may have noticed this site’s beautiful photographs of the Pioneer Valley. These include one or more of the following by photographer Daniel Brown who lives in Leyden: Along Green River Road  (2005) Aerial Shot of the Connecticut River (2006) Ray of Hope, Leyden  (September 22, 2001) Find out more about Daniel’s work by visiting www.danielbrownart.com The wind mill shots were taken by Rich Roth of Wind mills on the VT/MA border (Green mountain power I believe)  or in Spain...

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