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Can’t Build a Composting Toilet?

Not up for making your own composting toilet? You can still make a difference!

  • Use less water when you flush. If you are about to re-do your bathroom, then consider purchasing a low-flow toilet. If not, you can either adjust the water level yourself, or go old-school and displace some of the water in your tank. But, don't use a brick, it can crumble over time and cause blockage in your water system. Fill up a plastic or glass jug with sand or pebbles and place it in your tank. Make sure your toilet can still flush well with less water. The older the toilet, the less likely it will be able to function well with less water.
  • It sounds gross, but it works for many households, "If it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down."  You get the picture.
  • Wrap used women's sanitary products in old newspaper instead of toilet paper before throwing them in the trash.

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