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Green Living Mobile Project Tour Visits UMass

Since 2009, the Green Living Project’s Mobile Tour has been on the road to promote its message of sustainability. As part of UMass’ first Campus Sustainability Week, the Mobile Tour came to campus to provide tours of its eco-friendly RV and a multimedia and film presentation about the work done by the Green Living Project.

The Mobile Tour seeks to share stories from around the world of people working towards a more sustainable planet. The Green Living Project has five areas of focus for its work: education, conservation, sustainable community development, sustainable food/ agriculture, and ecotourism. This so-called sustainable adventure vehicle boasts solar pan- els, rain water collection features, and bamboo paneling along the inside.

Evan Schöpke is the representative for the Green Living Project who runs the Mobile Tour. “I want to inspire folks that come across the tour to take action now in their lives because now is a really good time to be involved in the global sustainability movement,” he says. Schöpke describes the RV as demonstration project of great sustainable technology that can be shown to the general public for awareness.

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