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NESEA Green Buidlings Open House EVENT Oct 1, 2011


While the cool autumn weather of October 1st seems like it is still far away, here at NESEA things are heating up as we prepare for this year’s Green Buildings Open House. With the help of dedicated organizers throughout NESEA’s 10-state region, 128 host sites have already registered to participate in the event. We are hoping to reach our goal of over 600 hosts this year, so we’re off to a great start!



There are already a lot of interesting locations on board including schools and quite a few buildings that have achieved net zero or near-net zero energy, candidates for the Thousand Home Challenge (www.thousandhomechallenge.com), Passive House certified buildings and buildings that have undergone deep energy retrofits.


Speaking of Deep Energy Retrofits, NESEA is excited to be collaborating with National Grid as they continue their great work with their Deep Energy Retrofit Pilot Program in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We are pleased to announce that National Grid has agreed to include some of their project buildings in Green Buildings Open House. Thank you, National Grid!

Please pass the word about Green Buildings Open House to everyone you know: tell your friends, follow us on Twitter (@neseaGBOH), and check out NESEA’s Facebook page! Encourage your friends and colleagues to register as hosts so that they can share their wealth of knowledge with others. Or if you plan to be one of at least 10,000 visitors this year, please visit our list of registered buildings at our Green Buildings Open House web site and check back often — new sites are being added every day!

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